Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Day #301

I finally got to try absinthe, the allegedly dangerous liquor which has been illegal for almost a century because it was believed to drive people insane. I've been eager to try it, as I'm partial to anything associated with 19th century French Bohemians. Plus, I like saying absinthe, because it makes otherwise dignified people sound they have a lisp.

I sipped my first "Green Fairy" at the opening of the Nines Hotel, a swank party with an open bar for 1,500 people.

What I didn't know was that absinthe derives from anise, which means it tastes like licorice, which I actively dislike. As for its presumed psychoactive properties, I can't say, but a friend of mine who shall remain nameless did lock us in the bathroom of the open-for-touring, $3,000-a-night Presidential Suite while he took take a shower, nearly getting us kicked out of the party.


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kathy said...

yeah...I can't say, either. But I do know that the day after I drank absinthe, I had really good friends tell me that that was not a beverage I should drink again anytime soon. I think I'll take their word for it. I just remembering saying "I just don't feel anything - think I need more"...several times. Oh, and I, too HATE licorice flavor. yeck.

therese said...

You've become my favorite hero.