Friday, October 24, 2008

New Day #302

Mixed it up today with my mother the mixed-media artist, who taught me how to create a mosaic. I'd show you the result, but it's not done yet. So you'll just have to trust me when I tell you it's a thing of astonishing beauty. If you squint.

In lieu of that, here's a picture of Mom's work instead, which she'll be selling at the upcoming Artisan Invitational Show at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral November 8-9th. Her name is Megan Garcia, but she'll happily be your Guru Mom, too.

Working on one reminded me how satisfying it is to do a right-brained visual art project, a welcome respite from all of my left-brain blather.


Ellen Kimball said...

Hi Marc,

Your (unfinished) work is quite beautiful. When I want respite from writing, I love to string beads, of all things.
I like Ouzo and Black Vines, so I ought to try absinthe sometime. Isn't it spelled with a "Y"?
Are you going to "High School Musical 3" the movie?
After we give all the little rascals their raisins(!)on October 31, we're flying out to Las Vegas on Nov. 4 -- should be some Democratic party somewhere, or we'll make our own!

Make it a great weekend!

Ellen Kimball

Rick said...

That's quite beautiful.

"Just David!" said...

Fascinating! I hope you're videoing your Thrill the World Event today. I went to the one here after reading about the one you were doing, it was priceless!

therese said...

Have you ever noticed how much beauty we can absorb from art, where words have to be a one keystroke at a time exercise?
Music is similar, we can absorb layers of notes and chords from numerous instruments in the moment. Yet to describe it, we struggle with one word at a time.