Monday, October 27, 2008

New Day #305

Introducing The Tingler. Batteries and Storm Large not included.

Storm tingled my head at our Big Brain Trust, my writers' group which includes singer-songwriter McKinley, playwright C.S. Whitcomb, Live Wire Radio host Courtenay Hameister and author Daniel Wilson. It was an appropriate New Thing, because the BBT regularly tingles my brain. All of these writers astonish me with their talent, creativity and originality, which inspires me to be a better writer.

That said, I'm finding the constant stimulation of this project exhausting as well as exhilarating. In the past day, I finally got to spend 24 consecutive hours in my house and I found the down time both restorative yet depressing. All of this activity keeps me from facing the negative thoughts which lie in wait for me when I slow down.

So I've decided, come 2009, that I will continue doing one New Thing a week. Fifty New Things a Year. That's right, with two weeks off for vacation, like a normal person. These activities are too invigorating to stop, but the daily grind is making my nervous system live up to its name.

But I've got some ideas about what else I'll blog about. And if I run out of them, I can always depend on the Big Brain Trust.


Rick said...

Glad to see your planning your adventures for 2009. This whole "new thing" a day/week sounds like a book in the making!

maria said...

By the way; how is the new-book-in-the-making coming?.
I hope to read many many sequels to "How I Paid for College" and "The Attack of the Theater People".
Until the friends get very very old, and go to Heaven, and meet one another there

Peter said...

I'm very excited that this will continue... I was worrying that, since the original intent was to get you out of a rut (and therefore got yourself back into a new rut), once it ended, you'd have a tremendous void to fill.

I've been trying to figure out how to structure a "try something new and stick with it" thing... a few years ago, I thought my world was getting too small (and a bit jaded), so I started learning how to make stained glass windows, and I started a community chorus (GLBTS, something different from the xx Gay Chorus). Then last year, I built a deck. This year, I have done nothing new, but I've enjoyed some stability (actually, work stability is new...)

therese said...

A new thing a week - I've been living that this year and even that can be a bit much. :)

A writer has to have quiet time, down time, to process all the ideas and work with the words. Words are used to create STORY, totally different from visual arts and musical compositions. Yet, STORY also sinks into the soul but it's creation is tough, one word at a time.

You, Marc, are a storyteller, on all levels and music and the visual arts are just more layers to the stories you tell. Thanks!

kevin said...


Sometimes you are so retarded. I think you have a thirteen year old girl somewhere inside you. I know I do.

Oh, get rid of the grey.


Kronda said...

Damn. You hang out with all my favorite people. Say hi to McK for me. I miss her.