Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Day #304

Today I walked in someone else's shoes. Literally. I wore Floyd's sneakers, which are big shoes to fill. I also mean that literally. I wear a size nine and he's a ten and a half.

Contrary to the famous line about not judging someone until you walk a mile in someone else's moccasins, I gained no insight into Floyd's personal experience. But I did realize that wearing shoes too large can actually be quite comfy. I expected it to be awkward, but it was quite relaxing, the way you feel when you wear baggy pants.

And, now, Chinese rappers in ginormous athletic shoes:

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therese said...

I love this blog about walking in someones shoes, great picture too.

You may be scrambling for new things to do everyday, but they keep happening and are becoming more magical by the day. I've had the new experience of spending days in a row, totally unplugged. Schedule that for January. Until then, keep up the good work because this blog is more inspirational than "motivationals".

One year in your life is enough, for generations to come, to be inspired at how we limit ourselves - and do so no more.