Friday, November 28, 2008

New Day #337

Went to the VIP Room of Sassy's, a hipster strip club. Yes, female strippers. With tattoos. And ironic eyewear. And, according to legend, one who was lactating.

I went as the guest of rocker Storm Large, who, naturally, knew a tattooed, fauxhawked stripper named Malice.

Malice put on an amazing show, leaping off the bar right onto the pole. Which is better than the dancer who slapped her ass so absent-mindedly Storm said she looked like she killing a bug.

All this and more as part of my research for a future project.


I couldn't take pictures, so here's a shot Storm kinda looking like a stripper.


Scot Colford said...

Truth be told, I kinda enjoy tittie bars, myself. And the performers seem to appreciate the gay guys too.

therese said...

I was a young '20's mother of two girls and wanted to see what a strip club was - for my birthday present - that year.

Hubby obliged and had five of his burly friends, (and one other wife) attend. I, and my girlfriend, were hustled by the guys to a back corner where we were "protected".

Watching pole-dancing was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. Then this "old" stripper took the stage. She was 42, toned, muscular, and slightly enhanced. She did this awesome routine/dance to the song "New York, New York". It was pretty awesome - a celebration of the female body.

This picture of Storm is beautiful, artistic and serene.

Cool - thanks for re-awakening that memory and the reminder that beauty exists within what others consider smut.

Kate said...

Two of my sorority sisters decided to become strippers to help pay their tuition. They definitely got better tips dancing on a pole than waitressing. But I never bothered to head to the titty bar to see them perform. I only saw them "practice" in the frat house basement.

Be the more wholesome sorority member I earned my extra cash by working as a teacher's aid at the local elementary school.

AllBeehive said...

Storm sounds like a killer BFF.

The Mom said...

It is amazing to read these positive and supportive comments about strippers and compare them to the the comments on Nov. 19 about the Blazer Dancers and specifically my challenge of your characterizations of the dancers as strippers (your comment: they only needed a pole).

This must be a very safe place for you, populated as it is by friends and fans in full agreement.

You should thank Therese for her comment about "the reminder that beauty exists within what others consider smut" It should also be a reminder to you that you and your fans on this site judged the Blazer Dancers in a much harsher light because they danced at a sports event in tight, sparkly outfits! If only you had been as kind and appreciative of these girls as you have been of the professionals.

You felt threatened by my reaction. I think you are far more dangerous, marinated as you are in this concoction where your words are uncritically received, repackaged and repeated.


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