Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Day #349

Went to the intimidatingly titled Fierce Fitness for kickboxing, which is not to be confused with letterboxing and is way better than shadow boxing. I mean, in shadow boxing you box your shadow. In kickboxing you get to kick and box a punching bag. It's a very satisfying way to work out aggression.

That said, I'm not very aggressive. Twenty minutes of pounding and I felt complete. In the words of the Kinks, I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Okay, some would say a wuss.


David S said...

Great tune (even if Lazy Lester did play it first, in 1958; the Kinks covered it in 1964). Funny lyrics:

Well I met a pretty girl, as pretty as can be
I thought she was my baby till she introduced to me
A great big tall fella, about six foot tall
I shivered and I shook, couldn't do any more

'cause I'm a lover not a fighter
Yes, I'm a lover not a fighter
And I'm really built for speed

Well I can roar like a lion, I can sting like a bee
But some times I think, baby, I've got rabbit blood in me

'cause I'm a lover not a fighter
Yes, I'm a lover not a fighter
And I'm really built for speed
Built for speed
Whoa yeah

Anonymous said...

Your numbering changed from New Day #348 to New Day #350. We know you're anxious to be finished, Marc, but please don't cheat yourself out of one new experience this close to the finish!

Marc Acito said...

Oops. Thanks.

David said...

I could never do this because I'd be too embarrassed to reveal I haven't a clue how to throw a punch.

therese said...

Kickboxing is wonderful exercise, I've heard. Glad you tried it. One of my daughters and her hubby have one of these huge bags in their basement. They love it. I've hit it twice and never will again.

Of course, I'm sure their love life is very different from mine, as it should be. I doubt the difference is between lover-fighter mentalities and more age related.