Monday, December 15, 2008

New Day #354

One of the more confrontative aspects of this project has been the realization that I can be shockingly incompetent.

Exhibit A: my scanner. It sits by Floyd's computer and, since he's more adept at these matters, years have flown by without my ever learning how to use it. And the more time passes, the more daunting the task seems to be. So much so that I couldn't teach myself when I tried to put together a slide show for Floyd's surprise party, and had to delegate the task to Oregonian columnist Margie Boule'.

You know your life is out of balance when you have to rely on one of Portland's most beloved celebrities to do your clerical work.

So I finally got Floyd to show me how the damn thing worked. The part of the process I was neglecting? Plugging it into the computer.

I worry about myself sometimes.

I chose to digitize the following photo because I'm old enough that my childhood pictures are yellowing and fading. I'm probably six or seven and am allegedly entertaining the family at Christmas.


Mary said...

Aren't you just the cutest thing ever?

therese said...

You know your life is in balance when one of Portland's most beloved celebrities is happy to do your clerical work.

My childhood pictures are also yellow and fading, the color ones are really interesting. Now that you're plugged into technology, there's no limits to what you can do. LOL!

Layne said...

I keep finding with this exercise, I own technology I didn't know I had! Did you know you could take video with a cell phone? Who knew!

You're photo's almost as cute of the one of me at 6 months, drinking a can of frosty Coors. Ah the 60s!

Greg said...


I don't even have a scanner. I'd be afraid to post old pictures of myself, when bowl cuts my your parents were the fashion. Ew.

Kronda said...

Wow. You were the gayest six year old who ever gayed. :)

Marqy said...

Love the belt!