Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Day #355

With the sartorial assistance of Young Noah, Floyd and I spent the afternoon getting a Closet Edit. Noah also gave us lots of fashion advice along the way, crafting new outfits out of old clothes:

We eliminated two full garbage bags worth, leaving us with very little to wear:

The purge was so worth it, though. Every item in our closet is now intentional, which feels both liberating and empowering.
And I'm very excited to supplement with some bargain hunting.


Rick said...

Being naked with Noah...now wonder you have a clothing down there.

Debbi said...

Love that picture of you and Noah.
And Would love to have that closet also.

David said...

That photo is such a cruel tease.

And, oy, those roots.

Lance said...

now make it a practice...

every 18 months go through and donate anything you haven't bothered to use for the past year and a half. (really...if it hasn't even crossed your mind in that amount of time it is certainly dreadfully out of season with no hopes of even being considered retro in our lifetime)

BTW... shouldn't we be going window shopping or something?

drink cosmos, window shop...
that sex in the city thing??

therese said...

Noah is welcome to edit my closet any time. I'm afraid though that he'd take one look and go screaming into the night.
Sigh. I guess that's a new year's resolution for me. Purge the old, stock with intention, go shopping.

gay CME guy said...

One of my goals for 09 is to sort and purge. I'm a packrat. It's a trait I inherited from the paternal roots of the family tree. Young Noah could likely get me to toss everything out the window...well almost.
Happy Holidays to you and Floyd.