Monday, December 22, 2008

New Day #361

Even when Floyd and I didn't work from home, our response to foul weather has been to simply hole up and wait out the storm. Particularly during "Arctic Blast 2008," the worst winter storm to hit the northwest in forty years. Check out the frozen snowdrift hanging off my roof:

But when the call came from NPR to do another commentary, we decided it was worth it to risk life, limb and property to serve the radio-listening public. Not to mention my overweening ambition.

Which meant coping with six inches of snow, covered with a quarter inch of ice, layered with yet another six inches of snow.

Braving the roads made us both feel intrepid. And just a little reckless. Particularly when we nearly slid off the road into a fence.

You can listen to the result of my toil here. Please click "recommend" if you like it. Or just like me.


therese said...

You've had an interesting few days, LOL! I've enjoyed being unplugged and tucked in under this blanket of snow and ice. We've got a toasty fire and the power stayed on, but the cable is out and none of our movies would be enhanced by 3-D specs.

Loved your NPR Holiday commentary. I don't go to movies on Christmas because I'm one of the mom's that make magic. When the rest are all fed and soused, off they go to the movies. I then have peace for a good book and a bottle of rum I don't have to share.

Rick said...

We had 19" in New England. But we're used to it. Still it's a pain in the ass.

maria said...

My son lives in Seattle, and was snowed in.
He should have arrived in Madrid for the holidays two days ago, but was lucky to be able to come home today. (Other people have had to stay on in the different airports of the Northwest).

So, f--- the snow, the white Christmas, and the shortened vacations.

¡¡¡Hope you and Floyd have a Wonderful Time, though !!!

Kylee S. said...

We got lots of snow up here in New England and while we are expecting some freezing rain tomorrow and rain on Christmas Day there will still be snow on the ground so it will still be a white Christmas. I just listened to your holiday commentary on NPR and I gave it my recommendation!!!!!

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