Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Day #364

At the suggestion of a reader (I totally forget who, but thank you mystery reader), Floyd and I took advantage of our White Christmas by making snow cream.

It's super easy--cream, vanilla, sugar, cocoa powder and snow.

Remember back in the 70s when ice milk came out as a healthier alternative to ice cream?

Remember how it sucked?

Yeah, so does snow cream.


Colin Matthew ( said...

Snow. It's organic.

But seriously, eating Portland snow worries me.

Happy holidays!

Fran said...

Hmm, I'm a big fan of all things chocolate, but I wouldn't have put it in snow ice cream.

Baileys or rum, maybe, not not cocoa powder. Even just adding Mexican vanilla would be better than that, I'm thinking.

Still, not all projects can be successful. And yes, I do remember ice milk. *shudder*

David said...

Maybe it's a good think you can't remember who suggested it.

Debbi said...

I remember having it as a kid, but it didn't have it cocoa powder in it, hmm.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Kate said...

Even less work is makinga homemade snowcone out of snow. Just pour some koolaid on a cup full of snow and drink to your sugary delight.

Laurie said...

OK - I'll fess up to suggesting snow cream. Seems it was part of a fond memory of a rare snowfall in these parts, gleefully making it with the instructions of the mother of my Alabama-born best friend in 4th grade. We did not do the cocoa powder variation - just the cream, sugar, vanilla, snow-type ingredients. As I recall, it tasted like a vanilla snow cone. But you know how memory erases the bad and only remembers the good - perhaps back in the 70's, it sucked then, too.

Marc Acito said...

Regardless, I'm grateful for the experience.

Marc Acito said...

Regardless, I'm grateful for the experience.