Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Day #363

There’s a scene in the musical Mame when Auntie Mame and her nephew Patrick hop onto a fire engine for a ride while the chorus sings:

Open a new window, open a new door,
Travel a new highway that’s never been tried before…

When I was a child, this was my vision of what kind of adult I wanted to be, a madcap free spirit whose life is a constant adventure.

So I’m especially pleased that I got to go for a spin in a snowplow.

I was shoveling the driveway talking with Cool Neighbor Brooke and her husband David, who she loans to me periodically when I have heterosexual needs involving tools, when along came the snowplow. When the driver saw me, he leaned out the window to ask me if there was a ditch in front of the house. I walked up to the truck and realized that we knew each other. Moments later I was in the cab and off for a tour of the ‘hood. Luckily, David was there to take the picture.

I’ll be honest—I haven’t really planned much how I was going to end this project. But I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for the last week. Not because riding in a snowplow is so special (though I was very impressed watching that sucker up), but because it confirmed to me that I was living the life I always dreamed of living, the sort of life I was afraid I was losing when I began this year. For not only am I the kind of person who leaps into snowplows, I’m also the kind who knows the driver.

I’d like to think Auntie Mame would have been proud.


mckibillo said...

you're living the dream dude.



Ali said...

>>For not only am I the kind of person who leaps into snowplows, I’m also the kind who knows the driver.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Now, have you slept outside in the snow, yet? Because, if you have a tent, a tarp to put it on, and a warm sleeping bag, this is the perfect weather for winter camping.

therese said...

May all of us give ourselves such a wonderful present, the realization that, I like who I am!

Which is the best way to end this year of adventures and the wonderful journey you've given your readers.

Kate said...

I think I'm more jealous that your street got blowed than anything. Portland may be the city that works, but Hillsboro is not. There isn't a single plowed street in my neighborhood. Not even the really busy streets.

Still happy to know you're living out your childhood dreams.

Marc Acito said...

Therese and Josh, thank you both for the affirmation.