Friday, January 9, 2009

New Thing #369

Trying a Segway has been on my list of new things for a year now, though I must confess I've done nothing to find one.

So I totally lucked out when one just happened to be waiting for me when I showed up to my heterosexual hairdresser. Turns out the client before me has a disability and uses one to get around. And was nice enough to let me take a spin around the salon.

It's gee-whiz super-cool in that's it's totally intuitive. All you do is shift your weight forward or back to make it go either direction. I've often wondered why they haven't caught on. It seems to me that people with disabilities who could stand would prefer to see others at eye level rather be a crotch-watcher.

So I asked my friend and robotics expert Daniel H. Wilson for his opinion. "It's because they look so dorky," he explained. "If they looked cool, like a Harley, everyone would want one."

Speaking of looking dorky or cool, here's the latest hair update with my roots growing in.

You decide.


David said...

I honestly like this look better than the full dye job. This looks softer and cute.

E. R. K. said...

I think Segways haven't caught on because they're so damned pricey for what they are. Yes, they are kind of dorky too.

Also - I adore the new hair-do!

Rick said...

I agree. The hair with roots looks becoming...better than the full dye job. : )

therese said...

Yep, I like it. This has more texture and personality.

The Frog Queen said...

Ah, I love you no matter the hair situation/color. It is what is on the inside. And that you have the fabulous Floyd :)

(Wow, and I would not even give husband that freedom, he knows if he cuts his hair; he finds a new wife. Me shallow? Why, yes, yes I am.)

Writer said...

Before I saw that you were asking for comments about your hair, I saw the photo first and thought, God! That's a hot pic!

Linda said...

You're such a colorful inspiration, Marc! Happy belated BDay, fellow Aquarius! Though the blonde is a change, I think I like the tall, dark, and handsome version. :-)
Linda Fong