Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yet Another Reason to Love the Interweb

Because without the YouTube, how would we ever get to see 1960s protest songs performed while wearing bouffant wigs and spangly dresses?

This, of course, led me down an digital rabbit hole to discover Scopitones, a pre-cursor to music videos.

Like this demonstration of subtlety and good taste.

When I was a child, this is what I imagined adulthood would look like. I'm sort of disappointed it doesn't.


David S said...

Damn that rabbit hole! Just burned the hour that I was intending to read my other blogs. Not a bad way to start my day though; I'll be singing "Lazy River" at work today!

Sue KuKu said...

Oh my! That cracked me up!

That first video was like Bob Dylan does Lawrence Welk.

My dad loooved to sing "Lazy River" with his guitar. If he'd had his druthers, he would have preferred his lazy river to look like that.

I especially loved the extra shot of just the gyrating bottoms of one of the bikinis.

Some peeps love the internet for porn. I love it for obscure funny videos. Thanks for posting a couple.

Layne said...

Hold the phone! Is that Debbie Reynolds?

Anonymous said...

I will never be able to hear "If I Had a Hammer" again without thinking about this video. Didn't she make "love between your brothers and your sisters" seem more about incest than peace?

My first Scopitone video was:

Of course, I then had to spend hours watching hundreds of them ;-}


p.s. Hi David!

therese said...

I'm suddenly wondering if Debbie Reynolds ever had an urge to appear on "Laugh In", or harmonize with Carole King.

What a nightmare - required to maintain the same perky persona for 5 decades!

Send her a link to your blog, it's time for her to try something new!