Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On today of all days

No sooner had I turned off the historic inauguration than I discovered our newly-elected openly gay mayor Sam Adams just admitted to lying about an affair with a hot 18-year-old, the unfortunately named Beau Breedlove.

I'm stunned. The old gay mayor just ain't what he used to be.

And I might as well be the first to point out that Byron Beck's picture shows the words "No Minors" over Beau's shoulder. As a fiction writer, I couldn't make this shit up.


David S. said...

That is surprising and disappointing. But like I said about Clinton, if he does a good job in office, I can be very forgiving. There's personal accountability and then there's public office accountability. And most great leaders in history have been complex and conflicted characters. Now go be a hero, Sam!

If you did make this shit up, Marc, you know they'd be saying "Too cliche..."

gay CME guy said...

I'll trade you your mayor and his boy toy for our Governor. I'll throw in the idiot he appointed to Obama's senatorial seat.

Anonymous said...

Just saw a jump cut of you on KGW watching Sam Adams during his press conference, so came to check to see if you had blogged about it -- and of course you had!

MamaMia said...

I believe in the seperation of church and sex. Let the man run the city and let's find our celebrity amusement elsewhere.