Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Randomness

No unifying thought for the week--actually, that's not true. I've got lots of unifying thoughts, all of which have to do with Me, Me, Me and My Career. It's been a reflective couple of months for me (aka "self-absorbed"), but I want to spare you the whining.

So here's more of the sparks that flare off my brain:

1) President Obama wants to cut the 1.5 trillion dollar deficit in half. I'm trying to get my head around a trillion. It might as well be a gajillion. Or a squillion.

Here's what I've been able to figure out: if numbers were seconds, then a million seconds is 11.5 days. A billion seconds is 32 years. And a trillion is 32,000 years. 1.5 trillion is 48,000 years.

2) Let's look at it another way: if you spent a million dollars a day since the birth of Jesus you still wouldn't have spent as much as Congress did on the stimulus bill. Quadruple that amount and you'll have the cost of the Iraq War.

3) George W. Bush inherited a surplus. A surplus! I'm not good at math, but it seems to add up that Republicans really suck at economics.

Now there's a unifying thought.

1 comment:

therese said...

Thanks for taking the time to do the calculation to put the deficit into something I could visualize. I've done my best to ignore it.

I prefer to focus on me, myself and I, and the career that is so new, I'm the only one who sees it.

I'm jealous Michelle Obama's arms are so smooth and toned.