Friday, February 27, 2009

On my mind

For those of you who've been reading carefully, you might have noticed the absence of updates from the Mesmer Project. For reasons we don't yet understand, we haven't been able to get our next round of recommended people to cooperate.

So, in the meantime, I'll let you know what's on my mind today:

1) New York City mayor has decided to make Times Square a pedestrian mall. Finally! There's nothing fun about walking up Broadway with your face in the sweaty armpit of a stranger.

I'm a big fan of pedestrian malls, in part because I love the German word Fußgängerzone. I'm not sure why, it's just fun to say, as are all German compound words, like Einhandmotorkettensägenführerlehrgangsteilnahmebestätigung , which means "One-man-motor-chain-saw-operator's-instruction-course-participating-certificate."

Y'know, in case you ever need one.

2) Is it seemly to discuss the First Lady's arms? I suppose Michelle Obama's right to bare arms might qualify her for membership in the NRA, but I feel sorry for Hillary Clinton, who got slammed for her cankles.

3) Apparently thin is in for baseball players. A few doping scandals and suddenly guys are returning to spring training 30 pounds lighter. Personally, I find the whole steroid kerfuffle ridiculous. There's no medical proof they're harmful and plenty of proof that they're helpful and no different than any other performance-enhancing drug. And if you wanna look like this freak, I say have it.

Unless, of course, you're the First Lady.


Rick said...

I didn't know they were transforming Broadway into a pedestrian walkway. Good news.

Boston has had it's share of protest when we closed off Downtown Crossing; and in Salem, Mass too with our Essex St walkway.

I like being able to walk freely about without hacking car exhaust. Let the cabs go an alternate route.

David said...

I thought long-term illegal steriod use is proven to destroy your kidneys, seriously mess up your hormones and lead to potentially dangerous depression. Plus it shrinks your testicles.