Monday, March 23, 2009

New Thing #380

Sure, filing taxes suck, but this year marks the first time that Floyd and I could file jointly as domestic partners.

Don't get too excited, it's not as good as all that. Domestic partnerships aren't recognized federally, yet the state requires that in addition to our separate federal forms we must also file a dummy federal form, asking that we write the words "as if" across the top. I kid you not. I imagine clerical functionaries seeing the form and snapping in the air, crying, "As if."

Gayer still is that the state refers to registered domestic partners as "RDP," which everyone in Portland knows stands for the Red Dress Party. Speaking of by the way, I'll also be taking part in a Red Threads for Model Citizens, a fashion show fundraiser for the charities the party funds. I'll be modeling couture by designer Shakir Najieb.

FYI, the sketch on the left is the front.

Both events promise to be nights you wished you remembered, so I hope to see all you Portlanders there. Until then, I'll be on the Gandhi Diet.

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