Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Day #61

More adventures in chocolate, courtesy of Cool Neighbor Brooke, who wanted to celebrate her birthday by going to Cacao, where we drank marvelously gooey cups of chocolate and sampled such unlikely confections as goat cheese and bacon caramel.

Suffice it to say there's a reason why no one ever thought to combine bacon and caramel.

Luckily, a helpful person named Russ steered us toward items more to our liking, issuing statements like "Venezuela is the Bordeaux of chocolate." This is my new favorite proclamation, and I fully intend to use it as much as possible:

"Paper or plastic?"
"You know, Venezuela is the Bordeaux of chocolate."

The best choices by far came from Depaula. Try the bananas foster, which Brooke described as FO.*

*Food orgasm.


Joe Theissen said...

Bananas Foster.
O'Connor's Restaurant.
Multnomah Village.
Portland, OR


Fran said...

Oh, that looks and sounds like decadence run amok! Exquisite!

Kronda said...

I love Cacao so much I have a whole flickr set devoted to it. And now I can't go within a square mile without stopping for at least a little cup--usually more.

Thanks for your sweet comment today. Especially welcome after spending the afternoon cleaning the empty house...

Joyous said...

Bananas Foster is my FAVORITE! Unfortunately, there are only 2 places in town that have it and one is gross.

When you come to Bookworks let me know! I live near there and I would love to come see you! It's a great little bookstore, in a beautiful neighborhood and it's right next door to one of my fav restaurants/bakeries.

maria said...

Wait to come to Madrid and have " chocolate con churros".

"Just David!" said...

bananas foster, the original FO!! brennan's- royal street-new orleans

my very first restaurant job!! i can still make it!!! love the blog and the concept of something new everyday... i try to do that but never wrote about it!! love it!!! and i'm totally stealing the line "ya know, venezuala is the bordeaux of chocolate"... i love it!!!

David said...

Lunettes et Chocolate in SoHo has amazing shots of super thick hot chocolate. You can get the spicy Mexican kind, too.

gay CME guy said...

It sounds wonderful! One of my most memorable orgasmic meals was at K Paul in New Orleans, back when I was in grad school. For you northwesterners: I'm going to Vancouver in May. I'm looking for recommendations. (Food, gay, cultural...)