Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Day #93

Today I was a couturier. Normally I prepare for the annual Red Dress Party by grabbing some frock off the rack at Ross Cross-Dress for Less, but this year I was inspired to design my own.

So I turned to my friend BoBo, who alternately pretended to be the host of Project Runway, insisting it was "Make it work time," or hand stitching like he was my ladyboy laborer in a Thai sweatshop.

Check back in two weeks for the results.


Anonymous said...

And for the record: your gown is the last to be sewn on the old Viking machine. It's dead. Stitched its last stitch. Now I have to buy a new one...Yippee!

"Just David!" said...

What fun! I may have to come out next year. That gives me a year to make my red dress. Hmmm... already the wheels are spinning...