Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Day #110

There are certain advantages to being in a food rut--you don't have to think about it. Shopping and cooking take enough time as it is without the added stress of being creative. What's more, in terms of waist management, eating the same thing over and over is ideal.

But one of the points of this project is to take the time to think--to re-examine that which I take for granted. So today I experimented just a little with each of my usual meals.

Breakfast--Mixed cottage cheese with my cereal. More filling, but weird, like crunchy cheesecake. I won't do this again.

Lunch--Put hummus on a turkey sandwich. A terrific lower-fat replacement for mayo.

Dinner--Added salsa to soy sauce in a vegetable stir fry. Gave the sauce some heft and zing. A definite maybe.

Okay, not as interesting as feeling up Chelsea Clinton, but not every day can be a winner. No picture, either, so here's Mario Lopez on Broadway in A Chorus Line.

Now that's really yummy.


Matthew Paessler said...

Mario Lopez is on Broadway? I didn't know he could sing, but I mean, I loved his work on Saved By The Bell.

Last Girl On Earth said...

Salsa & Soy. Sounds like a new singing duo.

David said...

The part doesn't call for singing.

I already saw the show, but I may need to go back again now.

I am totally replacing the mustard on my turkey sandwiches with hummus from now on, that sounds delish!

gay CME guy said...

I am totally w/ u about Mario. Triple Yummy!

Josh and Josh have a video interview with him here:

Jamie said...

Speaking of Saved by the Bell: How I Paid for College reminded me of that show, if HBO were to do a racey and more mischievious version (kind of like the Sci Fi channel remake of Battlestar Galactica). Have you considered writing for cable?

Marc Acito said...

You never know...