Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Day #111

Wheeee! I used the Wii! I even have my own Wii Mii:

It was fun, though not nearly as entertaining as my instructors--my godkids Ian, 9, and Amy, 6. Here's an actual conversation:

Amy: I'm a fairy.
Ian: Oh, yeah? Then where are your wings? And how come you can't do magic?
Amy: Because there are no fairy schools.
Ian: There's no such thing.
Amy: How do you know? You don't even believe in Santa. If you don't believe in fairies, then you're saying you don't believe in me.

(Amy trips over a planter.)

Ian: Nice goin'. If you were a fairy, you would have flown.

(Amy rises, brushing herself off with dignity.)

Amy: Even fairies make mistakes.

In other news, Ian has been so inspired by the What's New project, he got a mohawk:

Strangely, when I went to import this picture into I-Photo, it mistook it for a duplicate of a hard-boiled egg. I swear.


drsloan59 said...

That's my girl/fairy!

I definitely believe this world is big enough for fairies AND skeptics.

Be careful with that Wii, folks: just a matter of time 'til someone gets whacked in the face.

Matthew Paessler said...

I think that's my favorite conversation ever. "Even fairies make mistakes,"... words to live by.

Katy said...

Be warned - wii-related injuries with be forthcoming. Would you beleive my brother gave me a black eye playing wii-tennis? Yeah. It was a badly timed back-hand, combined with the doorbell going off and our cat freaking out. Merry bloody Christmas that was, lol.

Haven't been around much so just caught up on about 2 weeks of 'new things'. Am super glad to hear it is still going well! :)

David said...

Ah, the nascent power struggles of growing children.