Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Day #112

In anticipation of my upcoming one-man theatrical extravaganza, Marco! The Musical in Portland, as well as my book-singings in Los Angeles and Seattle, I had to learn how to record demos using Garage Band. I am now feeling Mac-tastic.

Alas, those are the only gigs where I'm performing with a pianist, though I can always be convinced to break out in song in these cities.

To witness my Garage Band acumen, and hear me sing "I Could Have Danced All Night" in Julie Andrews' key, click here.

Photo credit: Marty Davis, Just Out


David said...

I had to pinch myself. When I closed my eyes it was like I was at the Mark Hellinger and it was March 15, 1956.

Kind of.

Caffeine Destiny said...


I can't wait for your follow-up hit, Climb Every Mountain.

I will be Mother Superior in the video if you need me to - just say the word.


Caffeine Destiny said...

oh, no wait. Julie doesn't sing in that one at all. She just stands around looking wistful. I think you could do that though!

I will start looking for my wimple...

s said...

Holy christos! My glasses almost shattered!

B-wats said...

I think you need to come to Toronto. We need to be taught from your gospel of love. These are people who thought 'Lord of the Rings: The Musical" was a good idea.

But, seriously, talk to your agent or whoever and make a stop in Toronto. It's just like New York, only we barbecue our street hotdogs.

Rick Andreoli said...

Holy Crap!

I can't believe that A) You're reading tonight in LA and you didn't tell me. B) You must be repped by Robert because I'm having drinks with him before his client reads at ADL. And C) Why have we never discussed all this? Have we? Am I completely in the dark?

Hopefully I'll get a chance to say hi before rushing off to dinner tonight.

Marc Acito said...

Fear not. I'm not reading at ADL until Wednesday, May 7th. Hope to see you then.