Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Day #122

Julie Andrews flashed me. Okay, me and two thousand others. She's saucy that way. I was in the audience at UCLA where Mary Poppins kept popping out of a low-cut camisole.

We didn't see as much boob as when she exposed herself in S.O.B., but there was more cleavage than you'd expect from a 72-year-old Dame of the British Empire. The poor woman kept yanking on the back of her shirt to keep from falling out entirely. Truly, if she'd shown any more skin, she could've started nursing.

Considering that this costume malfunction comes after having felt up both Chelsea Clinton and Storm Large, it's certainly been a titillating year.

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Anonymous said...

Marc, Marc, Marc. 72 year olds can't nurse silly boy!

Katy said...

Hey! Don't dismiss the Dames of the British Empire - there are some killer racks.

Julie Andrews rocks my socks. I sat three seats down from her once in the theatre and it was MAGIC.

Doesn't she get her boobs out in Victor/Victoria as well, or am I remembering the wrong movie?