Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Day #124

A dream come true: my name on a theater marquee.

"Marco! The Musical" rocked the house tonight with a beer-drinking, book buying audience of 350. In another first, audience member Pat Janowski literally stopped the show when she flung her bra onstage as if I were Tom Jones.

Let the avalanche of panties begin.

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Superconductormusic.com said...

Yea! Theatre man! Go! Go!

Laurie said...

I give "Marco! The Musical!" two thumbs up and count myself lucky to have been among the 350. I would gladly fling my undergarments in your general direction for an encore performance of "Till There Was You." That was a showstopper. Any chance of seeing that on You Tube? Will you, yourself, be recording "Attack of the Theater People" on books-on-tape (or CD), and more importantly, will you sing on it? If so, I may need to add the audio version of the book to the hard copy now in my quivering-with-excitement (but not particularly jazz) hands. Bravo! Bravo!

Marc Acito said...

The audio book is due out soon, but it's being read by Jeff Woodman, who read "How I Paid for College."

The video footage from last night will be on Oregon Art Beat in the fall.

Thanks for being there.

patsypalooza said...

and that was a first for me too, so there you go.


Rick Andreoli said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see you in LA!!

David said...

Well, I just purchased both How I Paid for College and Attack of teh Theater People.

I'm looking forward to watching them.

Linda - CA said...

If I flung my undergarments at you, would you do better than look at it distastefully while stepping over it? I brought my mom and sis' to see Tom Jones, and my lone thong was up on stage for all to see him snub it. I was sooooo embarrassed! Now I KNOW you've got more goin' on than that Tom guy! Smooches! See ya tonight!

gems and purls said...

Sigh... we made commemorative Attack of the Library People shirts, but we were upstaged by a bra-flinger. Librarians, for the most part, are not bra-flingers. We like order, and removing bras invites sartorial disarray. Oh well.