Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Day #125

I'm off on book tour tomorrow, which means I've had to prepare for a sixty degree differential with only a carry-on bag. As such, I've packed flip-flops, even though I'm ashamed of this gross bruise inside my toe nail.

Although not so ashamed that I wouldn't share it on the internet, apparently.

Still, I show it to you so you can see the ingenious way I camouflaged it.

Now I have happy feet.

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Debbi said...

That's cute. A little face.

I have one of those toe bruises going on too. It started off being all the way down near the cuticle. And it has taken it this long to move to the top area of my big toe.I've had it since Halloween night.

David said...

You could paint the other toenails and make it into a happy caterpillar.

Step Right Up said...

P has the exact same boo boo on the exact same toe. He thinks it's about to fall off any day now. The nail not the entire toe.

jul-a said...

ha! i used to paint my fingernails like that in the 80s. very appropriate for the tour. good luck/break a leg!

Greg said...

That's just great...a new trend begins, and I'm the last to know.