Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Day #138

My friend Eve took me to lunch in the Trustees' Dining Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is paneled with sumptuous curly maple, has a view of the tree canopy of Central Park and serves superb food. Naturally, I got overzealous in my conversation and practically shouted the phrase "dicking around." Luckily, most everyone in the room was old enough to remember V-J Day, so I don't think they noticed.

Followed our meal with a visit to the rooftop garden, which I've also never done, checking out these spectacular Jeff Koons sculptures.

It was a beautiful way to end my tour, made even better by my Jersey reading, which drew 150 people, mostly theater geeks from the local high schools. So it all comes full circle.

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lkmadigan said...

Finished the book last night.


Lots of fun, and made me remember my slouchy socks fondly.


David said...

Sorry I couldn't make your reading last night. Joel had his and I'd committed to that first. Hope to catch you the next time you are in town.

Jamie said...

I have an overwhelming desire to poke a needle in that big golg baloon dog in the background -- POP!

Derek said...

I'm pretending like you mentioned the curly maple for me._dza