Monday, May 12, 2008

New Day #137

It's been a challenge coming up with New Things while on the road. For instance, I started the day off in New York with an interview with Sirius Radio's resident nutball Frank DeCaro, but I've been on the radio before, so I'm not sure it counts.

Then I got ninety people at my reading tonight--a first for me in New York (take that, San Francisco)--but, still, I've done plenty of readings, so is it really today's New Thing?

(And, yes, that's Joan Crawford in the window next to me.)

Of course, the hunt for something new is part of what I like best about this project, as it forces me to pay attention. Would I have noticed the clerk at the Wall Street Borders with twenty-seven earrings had I not been looking for something new? Would I have talked as long with the employee at the Union Square Barnes and Noble about his tattoo reading "Full Catastrophe Living" and how it reminds him to live his life by "going toward the tingle?"

Certainly I wouldn't have taken my niece's suggestion to sign someone else's book tonight, a copy of Manga Messiah into which I scrawled "Best Wishes, Hidenori."

As always, the best New Things were those that were unexpected--when Amanda Snarski, a young actress, showed me that my promo video was on her resume, or when an NYU student told me that he got into college by writing an essay on how he was like my alter ego, Edward Zanni.

Those are the moments that make the hunt totally worthwhile.

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Last Girl On Earth - Deni Bonet said...

Hey Marc, I totally enjoyed your reading tonight, although I was a bit concerned that you were referring to me when you mentioned the stalker fan! Anyway, please go to my blog and check out my entry for today. I couldn't be any more gushy! And there are a couple of swell pix there, too! Can't wait to read the new book. Great to finally meet you. Deni

PS True story. LG was reading the book on the way home and got to the part about the 50th St. Subway Station just as we were pulling into... you guessed it... the 50th St. Subway Station. oooooh (bring up the scary music)

gay CME guy said...

"Full Catastrophe Living", I love it. It'd be the perfect second/next tat for me, if it weren't already taken.

btw, I'm still proselytizing about AotTP for you. Someone actually took the recommendation from my blog.

Jamie said...

90?! Haha, take that Seattle too!

AllBeehive said...

My husband suprised me and bought your new book for me for Mother's Day. Yay. And even though I have a stack of other books and I have not read anything since giving birth that didn't have the work baby or breast in the title, I HAD to start it immediately. Oh Edward Zanni, how I've missed you. I can't wait to snuggle up to you again tonight.

Marc Acito said...

Thanks, all of you, for spreading the word. Your places in heaven are assured.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Deni, just so you know this blog thing really works once in a while, I read your comment, hopped over to your blog, and then skipped over to iTunes and bought your new album. Enjoying it!

gay CME guy said...

If you have the ability to secure a place in heaven for me, can you see what you can do about securing for me a husband...or bf... Someone hirsute and scant on melatonin are wishes, but not dealbreakers. Oh, and void of sociopathic tendencies. I've paid my dues on that front.

Erin said...

I LOVE that you signed someone else's book! I've secretly longed for an author to do that for ages. Thank you!