Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Day #166

I have now officially joined the 21st century. After an initial failed attempt, I turned to my trusty Mini-Me to school me in the mysteries of text messaging.

It only took three more people before I could finally send one.

I know it's blurry, so here's the transcription, because it's oh so profoud:

Hi. This is my first text. YAAAAY! I'm relevant.

Okay, I wasn't writing for posterity.

PS If you're gonna text me, keep in mind that I may not have you in my cell phone, which I hardly EVER use. So sign your damn name.

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Caffeine Destiny said...


I keep trying to leave a comment but it won't work. How ironic.

but i am still relevant and so are you.

my 14 year old daughter texts so very fast that I don't even try to compete.

i wonder what things we did super super well that our parents just couldn't get a handle on? oh don't get me started.

technology is a tool it is not a relevance indicator.


Debbi said...

I've given up trying to figure out everything on my cell phone. I can answer the phone. I can even maybe check and see who has called. But please, please don't ask me to take a picture and actually send it to someone.

And at the end of the day...I'd trade my non-texting abilities for someone who could teach me to use my digital camera.

David said...

I can text but I find the process tedious. In the time it takes me to type in "Hi, how are you? What are you up to?" I can call the person and leave a much more detailed message or, gasp, actually speak to them.

Of course, I don't have a fancy, schmancy keyboard phone. Just the old school flip phone. I'm as relevant as I care to be.

Greg said...

Good for you! I still can't figure out how to text. I'd rather phone the person.