Monday, June 23, 2008

New Day #179

To continue the club soda theme: today, when Jeremy the hot waiter at Blue Hour asked me if I wanted a lemon or lime, I said, get this, "Orange." Because that's the kind of daring man of adventure I am.

And thanks to Amaren Colosi I have a picture of me and Hollyanna McCollom from Pdx Magazine to prove it.

I know, I'm really pushing the envelope now.

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David said...

You frighten me.

Holly Mac said...

Thanks for not outing me on the borrowed drink...wait. Crap.

Caffeine Destiny said...


I think you should go into the Virginia Cafe and ask for a Shirley Temple, but instead of a maricshino cherry (which I can't spell), you should ask for a BLUEBERRY in it.

I double dog dare you!


kathy from the east said...

Is it AAAAApricots (pronounced as in Apron?) or aaaaaaaaapricots (as in hAppy?)

You still from the East coast OR have you been Oregonized?

Susie said...

I admire that.