Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Day #180

See downtown Portland. See the big hill behind it? I live on the other side of that hill, seven miles away. Today I biked downtown and back. Which means I biked up and down that big hill.

This video explains how I feel:

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Lewis said...

Yeah, but I'll bet you have the most muscular, most beautiful, legs around these parts.

kath said...

God, her pitch is the pits!! It's almost as painful to my ears as your legs - and other parts - must feel! :) Assuming you wore clothing this time? I'll admit that I'm glad - no very very glad - just for today, that I'm NOT you! Do not ever make me ride a bike that far. I'd be one miserable, b*tchy woman on wheels.

The Frog Queen said...

With all your riding (bike :) I thought I would pass along this group, you may have heard of them:


Fearless crowd.

David said...

While I cheer you on your feeling of accomplishment, I lasted all of 44 seconds with that video. Ugh.