Monday, July 7, 2008

New Day #193

Thanks to my friend Bernice (the one with the boat), here's my New Favorite Thing:

It's a site where you can upload your pictures and they put them into a really rad custom video, along with music. Here's the best part: they'll make as many 30 second videos as you want for FREE.

With just thirty seconds, I wanted my shots to be of something on a narrow theme, so I chose some pictures I took when I went to Ethiopia two years ago. Since it's paintings of white Christians done by black Africans, I chose klezmer music. (By Portland indie band Three Leg Torso.)

Why did I go to Ethiopia? My friend Eve took me to research a book. I was the Harper Lee to her Truman Capote. The trip changed my life. You see, I'm a Western culture kind of guy--opera, art museuems, fluffy hotel towels. Then, out of nowhere came this invitation to go to Africa. The adventure opened me up to a sense of possibility I hadn't felt before, which is one of the reasons I got so bummed when the real estate market tanked and with it any chance for me to make any more exotic travel anytime soon.

Which is partly why I started to this project. To find adventure in my own backyard. So, given a chance to make an Animoto video, my mind immediately turned to Ethiopia.

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Anonymous said...

Fun! I like your video, a nice mash-up of respectful and sacrilegious.

I just made one with pics of my daughter (a natural subject for a music video). Bummer about that whole "copyrighted music" thing though, but I found some music that worked okay.

Anonymous said...

What a great link!

Oh, and friends are great but friends with boats are awesome!

Greg said...

Very cool! I like the technicolor vibe from the paintings.