Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Day #194

You know those guys playing frisbee shirtless in the park? I've never been that guy. Never mind the going shirtless in public part; I have a long-standing aversion to projectiles hurtling at me through space. Consequently I have not thrown a frisbee since I was nineteen.

Until today.

My friend Adam is a personal trainer. As such, he's the kind of guy who plays frisbee shirtless in the park. And, since I'm the kind of guy who enjoys looking at guys like Adam shirtless, I accepted his invitation because, yes, that's really his picture.

As with eating fire or walking on stilts, I'm discovering that taking on scary, horrible, Dodgeball-nightmare inducing tasks is all a matter of having the right instruction. Still, I had to remind myself that I am a grown man and that the mean boys are not going to mock me.

And, after a few tips, I wasn't bad. I wasn't good, either, but who cares? I mean, it's not like I aspire to excel at throwing a plastic disc. I had fun, got a good workout and stared at Adam's torso for an hour. If there had been a way to include chocolate, it would've been a perfect experience.

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David said...

Please do this again and bring a camera.

WindintheWires said...

Chocolate frisbeee?
oh la la

therese said...

I also appreciate Matt's gift to humanity.