Monday, July 28, 2008

New Day #214

I don't particularly like jam. But that didn't stop me from learning how to make it. Having made butter and woven cloth, I'm mastering all the major skills of the Colonial Housewife. Can dipping candles be far behind?

My friend Judy's secret is to use fresh berries off the bushes in her driveway, then mix them with twice as much sugar. After tasting the sublimely candy-like mixture, I realized my jam prejudice was based solely on eating all those healthy unsweetened kinds.

I mean, screw that.


David said...

What did one strawberry say to the other strawberry?
If you weren't so fresh, we wouldn't be in this jam!

You're welcome.

Caffeine Destiny said...


So was it just the berries and sugar, no pectin? I marvel at people who can make jam without pectin. I have heard of such people, but I didn't realize they walked amongst us!

i make tons of jam every year. That way, when the apocalypse comes, I know my family will have something to eat.

But I use pectin.

Okay this comment has used the word pectin in it way too many times.

Pectin pectin pectin.

I just like saying it.


Marc Acito said...

No, we used pectin, which fascinated me as it looks like a bowl of snot.

Anonymous said...

If/when you want to do that candle thing, let me know! I LOVE candlemaking, although dipping candles can be super-messy. For years I hosted a dusk-to-dawn candlemaking gathering on Winter Solstice, but haven't done much candlemaking since I moved to Portland.

I found your blog via Kathy Belge, so we'll have to thank/blame her if/when you decide to take the plunge further into Colonial housewifery.

And this whole New Day project is very very cool. And inspiring. Thank you.

Layne said...

Shall I send you the sunbonnet pattern I have from my grandmother?

Marc Acito said...

Think I'll make a petticoat first.

Rick Andreoli said...

When the country heads to hell (in a bigger way, I mean) I'm going up North. You have the survivalist skills one needs when there's little hope left.

Fran said...

Was it hot, making the jam? Honestly, that was a big reason that Lillian and I didn't accompany you. Her health that day wouldn't have handled a heated kitchen too well. But wow, it sounds like you had great fun!

Marc Acito said...

Nope. It was "freezer jam." No cooking necessary.