Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Day #223

First, an update. Was relieved when the thunderstorm quickly passed, as thunderstorms are wont to do in the Colorado Rockies. So my one-man theatrical extravaganza, Marco! The Musical, got a paying audience of over 200, many of whom seemed roughly that age. Which is a total kick because I love old people who appreciate dirty jokes.

But there were still some younger people of the Facebook/MySpace variety, including Ben and Kari, a couple who informed me that my last show in Colorado three years ago had been their first date. Kari explained that Ben lived in the same apartment complex and that she invited him to join her to see "this guy who writes about musicals."

"I love musicals," he said.

"Great," she thought. "He's gay."

Turned out he wasn't and they fell in love while reading How I Paid for College out loud to each other. Now they're married.

Once I regained my ability to form sentences, I informed them they have to name their first born Marc.

As new as all that was, it didn't count toward today's New Thing. Since Floyd and I have both been light-headed from the altitude (Colorado Springs is a mile high), we've wanted nothing but greasy food. So I ate a buffalo burger, which tasted pretty much like a regular burger. It also looked like a regular burger, so I took a picture of the smiley face the restaurant put in my tomato bisque soup with olive oil.

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Layne said...

What a wonderful story! I can't believe they didn't invite you to the wedding!

therese said...

Ben & Kari are a match made in laughter, through a great book. There's no greater way to get married.
I also love that the 200+ year-old-crowd loves dirty jokes.
I think that means we need more "Marc's" out there.

"Just David!" said...

I've been reading your new thing a day for a while now and I'm inspired to try it... is it as hard as it sounds?

gay CME guy said...

Buffalo is much leaner than cow. I buy the frozen buffalo burgers from Trader Joe's and grill them. They're great!

David said...

That smiley soup face either has a very deep cleft in it's chin or some rather alarming acne.

Bush said...

Although I have never met him, I am Floyd's cousin's son. My aunt Phyllis introduced me to your blog, and I think it is very funny. I created a blog about a month ago, and I would love it if you'd check it out and let me know what you think.


Greg said...

Aww...bringing people together, one book at a time. :)

Caffeine Destiny said...


Great story! I read HOW I PAID FOR COLLEGE in a hotel room in Seattle - we were on a family vacation - and my family kept trying to talk to me and I was like, whatever, I want to finish this!

so HOW I PAID FOR COLLEGE can also tear families apart.

Just so you know.

Dr. Richard B. Weinblatt said...


That was a great blog post. It is a great feeling when you get feedback and feel that you have touched someone's life. You obviously touched these folks.

--Richard Weinblatt