Friday, August 15, 2008

New Day #232

Regular readers of this blog know that public nudity has been an ongoing theme. So it should come as no surprise that I was shirtless as I rode my bike today, due in no small part to the temperature, which reached a sauna-like three digits.

So I'm passing this bus stop and I see a Muslim woman completely covered with clothes--the head scarf, the long sleeve dress, a shawl--and I suddenly become aware of my naked torso. I mean, she's all covered up due to modesty, right? So, rather than say "hi," which is my custom when cycling, I avoid eye contact so as not to embarrass her. Y'know, because I'm thoughtful like that.

But just as I pass, she shouts, "Look-ing goooood."

That's right, I got cat-called by a Muslim woman.

I didn't know they were allowed to do that.

Also from the Department of I Shit You Not is Islamo-Barbie.

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Fran said...

They can do that? Not the cat-call, which I'm sure she couldn't help shouting because you're obviously an inspiration, but isn't Islamo-Barbie wearing make-up?

Debbi said...

That is so funny.

gay CME guy said...

What?! NO pics of your naked torso? We want visuals with this nudity theme.

Charlotte said...

Did you see the cover story in last week's Willamette Week that was about Islam and homosexuality? I thought it was quite interesting, but of course critics say it is misleading and makes generalizations and all the usual crap. You should give it a read if you haven't already.

Katy said...

Islamo-Barbie looks startlingly white... not that there aren't white Muslims, but still.

First time I heard one of my Muslim friends call someone a 'mother f*cuker' I just about choked on my own tongue.

Sometimes I love the world.