Monday, September 8, 2008

New Day #256

Today I ate Egyptian food at this little place in downtown Portland I've probably passed a thousand times and never noticed. Name? Mummy's, of course.

Unfortunately, the menu consisted of pretty standard Middle Eastern stuff. Y'know, hummus, falafel, pita, contempt for our sacred American way of life...

Okay, kidding. There was no falafel.

I ate the only things on the menu I'd never heard of: daoud basha, which are herby meatballs, and medammes, which are slow cooked fava beans and my new favorite thing. Seriously, I'm going back for them. And a heapin' bowl of human rights abuses.

Kidding. Everyone knows that dish is always plated.


Lisa said...

On Saturday evenings, Mummy's is host to local belly dancers. So you could go back for more medammes, and belly dancing!

David said...

Just loved this post.

Bush said...

You ate fava beans from a place named after a well-preserved corpse. I'd say you're on your way to becoming Hannibal Lecter.

therese said...

How cool! An author I like, Tess Gerritsen's new book came out today and The Keepsake is about mummies.

On her blog she stated:

"In the 1800’s, you could buy a mummy in Egypt for only five dollars. I’m astonished and appalled that anyone would consider human remains as a souvenir, but in those days, Americans and Europeans had little respect for the dead of Egypt. And so they brought them home. They’d hold unwrapping parties for their friends, peeling away the linen strips to reveal the corpses beneath. Countless mummies were exported, and here in America, they ended up in the most unlikely of places. In antique shops, in attics, in freak shows. And in museums."