Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sam is Still My Mayor

Never have I done a commentary I've felt more strongly about or felt more grateful I had bully pulpit from which to say it.
Here's what I had to say.

For the latest on supporting Sam, check out here.


Fran said...

Good for you, Marc! That was eloquent and honest. The Mayor is lucky to have you in his corner.

Gari_xxNIGHT_WALLFLOWERxx said...

I completely agree! Simply because the public chooses to take an intrest in the private lives of our leaders does not by any means give them the right to judge. They're private for a reason. We all agree that Adams made a mistake, but it was a small, harmless one (although extremely embarassing) and he should most definatly not be pressured to resign. As you said, people make mistakes all the time and it's completely not fair to define them by their worst ones.