Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Thing #376

After several self-pitying posts, I'm pleased to have something upbeat to say. Last night I took part in the Portland Schools Foundation's annual Hacks and Flacks event, in which journalists face off with politicians for a roast. And I'm pleased to report that, given my natural gift for ridiculing others, I, along with the Oregonian columnist Anna Griffin and newscaster Brenda Braxton, was able to score a flacks' victory for the first time in recent memory.

It was an especially sweet personal triumph because of jokes like this one from State Senator Margaret Carter: "Marc, your work unites a wide spectrum of minorities together--African Americans, Latinos, Asians: none of us know who the hell you are."

And it totally redeemed my humiliating defeat in the Celebrity Spelling Bee, which haunts me still.

Here we are with our distinguished trophies.

I haven't been this proud since winning the Oregon Book Award.

Oh yeah, and I'm blonde again. Just couldn't resist another round of bleaching. This was so severe my hair started falling out.


Neil said...

I had no idea who you were, but you and Anna Griffin killed. At least by comparison to everybody else (other than Poison Waters).

I learned that gay people are funnier than straight people.

viejecita said...

¡Your poor beautiful hair!

viejecita said...

In spite of your platinum spate, I am very happy for you. What funny trophy.

By the way all the people I know are now in posession of your two first books. I am sure you will have gone up in the Amazon sales listings.

And every one of them is waiting for "The Jazz Hands of God" to appear in print.

David said...

Unless you want to end up with my current hairstyle, I suggest you lay off the bleach in the future.

April said...

You've inspired me to do my own "new adventure everyday" and I have been doing this since January 1 which is odd because my attention span usually doesn't last on one project THIS long. But it has. Keep up the excellent posts. Unfortunately, I am not brave enough to dye my hair...